About This Blog


Alright peeps. Here's what's up with me and this blog:

I believe that that exercise should empower. I believe that sweat should inspire. I believe that the toughest workouts should also be the most fun. I believe in mindful pedals and flows, where we step out of the every day rush and give ourselves time to be present and breathe. I believe that we can accomplish anything we decide we want, commit to, and work towards; and, I believe that the work we do on the bike and mat translates to life outside the studio in amazing ways.

I believe that there are no extremes in health. For me being healthy means finding moderation in how I think and act and eat. I believe in enjoying a big fat cheeseburger and a cold pressed juice. I exercise not to look a certain way but to feel a certain way. I believe in loving my body for all that it is able to do, instead of what it looks like in a bikini.

Mostly? I believe in living a life that brings out the best in me and those around me. This blog is dedicated to sharing my journey along this crazy ride of life: on the bike, on the mat, and far far beyond them.

For more on me and why I wrote this blog, check out my first post.


Julie is a proud Boston College alumna who has a Master's degree in health communication from The Ohio State University. She is a Schwinn certified cycling instructor at Cycle614 in Columbus, OH and is a 200RYT yoga teacher at Studio 543. Previous certifications include ACE group fitness and AFAA personal training. Julie has been teaching sweat-inducing workouts since 2010.

If you're interested in working with Julie, e-mail her at  julianne.wojno@gmail.com.