Fear Has a Loving Intention.

I want to share a moment with you from a coaching session last week that gave me chill bumps.

A client and I were heading into the fourth week on our intuitive eating journey, and as we talked about what went well, my client described to me the freedom she had been experiencing with food! She had some pretty incredible moments of honoring her cravings, choosing food that truly satisfied her, and thus feeling empowered to honor her hunger and fullness. She told me how good it felt, she didn't feel guilty when she enjoyed a sweet treat, and was easily able to stop eating it when she noticed she was full! 

Later in our call, she bravely told me how she was also afraid. And as we dug deeper, we uncovered that the fear came from this newfound freedom she was experiencing. This new freedom was freaking her out! I honestly got the chills because I know this is a sign of deep inner transformation.

If you also come from a place of living in the world of strict diet rules and an "eat this not that" mentality, then entering into the world of intuitive eating can certainly be scary! I know because I went through it, too. It's something so totally different than what we're used to... and therefore, AHH!

There's a part of our brain that is in charge of the "fight or flight" response, many call it the "critter brain" -- and if it senses that we are in danger, it arouses fear and is like ALERT ALERT ALERT: STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GET BACK TO SAFETY!

Fear, ultimately, has a loving intention: it wants to keep us safe! So nice of you, fear! However, fear doesn't understand when we're doing things that are good for us... like healing our relationship with food, it only knows what it's used to... and what it's used to is thus considered "safe." So to the critter brain, having a war-on-food mentality is safety. So you better believe it's going to want to keep us there, aka "safe."

That's how fear can hold us back if we're not careful. This can apply to ANY change you want to make in your life. And sometimes our fear is subconscious, which is even tricker! Then what happens is we'll likely self sabotage to keep us in this "safe" place. Ever feel like you want to make a change, have tried and just get "stuck?"  Yeah... I betchya that's this idea at play...!

However, if we know this... fear can be so EMPOWERING. Why? Because if I'm afraid, it's a pretty amazing indicator that I'm doing something worthwhile, I'm challenging myself... even more? It's a sign that I'm GROWING.  That I'm evolving in a big way that has my well-intentioned critter brain screaming RETREAT RETREAT RETREAT because I'm entering into new personal growth territory.

As we grow, evolve and become more authentic versions of ourselves, I encourage you to invite fear to join you along the journey, and to even see it as a sign that you're well on your way.