How to "Look Your Best" on Your Wedding Day

Here's why I love one-on-one coaching. I'll go in with a basic plan for the session, but then while talking about what went great that week, and what was challenging, often something will come up that we'll end up giving all of our attention to. No, we aren't getting derailed, we have this unique opportunity to dive deeper into something important that is happening. This is the power of one-on-one coaching. 

I'll share an example from this week, which came at a perfect time, as yesterday, I purchased my wedding dress =)

I was on a call with one of my wonderful clients. She told me she knows the engagement ring is coming, and she asked me if I felt pulled back into the world of dieting when I got engaged, due to the pressure of looking my best on my wedding day.

I was really happy to share with her that, no, I have gotten to a place in my intuitive eating journey where I'm able to appreciate my body for all that it is (and all that it's not!), I'm healthy and happy knowing this is my body's natural size and weight. No, I'm not a size 2, and I'll never be, because that wouldn't be healthy (or realistic with my hips... hah!) So, no, I don't feel pressured to lose weight before our wedding, like I know many brides do. It's what all the media/magazines/everyone tells us we need to do, after all.

But this launched us into a really incredible coaching conversation around where this "belief" comes from: the belief that we need to "look our best" on our wedding day, which to my client meant looking skinny.

And as we dug deeper into it, we uncovered the 'why' (deep set cultural norms and ideals), and then we began to challenge it.

My client told me that she had been skinner in her life, and that when she was at her skinniest, she was actually her most unhealthy and most miserable. 

I've had a similar experience. And it reminded me of the very last diet I went on. It was a 24-day "cleanse" and I ended up losing 10 pounds and a few inches. And was I happy? Confident? Full of love for my body?

No. I felt withdrawn and distracted. I had to be a hermit in order to avoid social situations with food and alcohol. I felt guilty. Shameful. I still wasn't satisfied with how my body looked. The scale owned me. 

But wow was this powerful. Because this experience showed me that a getting to a certain size would not bring me happiness, nor would it bring me body love. In fact, it brought the opposite. That was not my natural body size, and therefore, the things I had to do to achieve it turned me into a miserable human.

When I dieted, I deprived myself of the joy of showing up for the people in my life.

She, too, resonated with this.

And at this point there was a powerful breakthrough. My client realized that she doesn't have to buy into the idea that she needs to be "skinny" for her wedding. She gets to decide, she gets to CHOOSE what "looking great means" to her. 

And you know what that came down to for my client (and for me)?

Who we are BEING on our wedding days.

So instead of thinking, "I need to look my best," she shifted her desire and told me, "I want to BE my best self on my wedding day." 

I got chills as my client told me how she wants to show up on her wedding day. How she wants to be her best self for her future husband, for them as a unit. And how that means being able to show up fully for herself and him. And you know what that means? Letting go of food and body stress, so that she's not distracted and instead able to be happy and present for herself and her man. 

"It's about so much more than food," she said. "It's about who I am as a person."

And THAT, my friends, is how you look your best on your wedding day.

It's not about food. It's about who you are as a person.

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