Guest Blog: Why Safer Products Matter. By Alessandra Rogers

**UPDATE: until AUGUST 5 (aka PELOTONIA) use this link to purchase the amazing Beautycounter products and 15% will go towards my 100-mile ride to END CANCER!

I’m not going to lie, I am not one who does much to get all glammed up.  I often go to sleep without taking off makeup or brushing my teeth... I have never had a facial, I don’t know the first thing about hair and makeup... AND I am sad to say it, but my husband is disgusted by the little amount I shower (why I am admitting this, I do not know). 

Then... I found Beautycounter. What drew me in was learning how Beautycounter is dedicated to creating SAFE skincare, haircare, and makeup that are free of any and all toxic chemicals found in most products out there.

Yes please!

I became so passionate about the products, I became a consultant, and I started dive deep and learn why certain ingredients are used and why some ARE NOT.

Let's talk about toxins.

Count how many products you use daily.  Don’t forget shampoo, hand wash, face lotion, face wash, etc.  Now, each one of these products (9 times out of 10) has a plethora of harmful ingredients regardless of catchy “clean” words on the front of the package. EEK.  

We recognize that we can’t control everything our families eat or come into contact with, and life is about balance, but with Beautycounter, we can rest easy knowing we have one area covered. We can feel confident knowing that everything we’re putting on our bodies is safe and healthy.

Beautycounter will never use an ingredient related to human health risks, whether it be cancer, hormone disruptors, infertility, allergies, autoimmune etc. We all know someone that has been affected by one of these! While the research isn't fully out yet, they err on the side of caution! The ingredient screen is one of the strictest in the industry. In fact, Beautycounter has taken the EU regulations (…nearly 1,400 banned chemicals) and RUN with them banning over 1,500 ingredients in their products. Meanwhile the U.S. only bans 30.

When I approached Julie about Beautycounter (knowing she too cares about health and wellness), she, like me, said she didn’t use many products. But, also like me, her interest peaked when she started learning about the toxic chemicals found in other products. Yuck.

So what is all this buzz about Beautycounter?  Why should you care about what you put on your skin? You have been “okay so far,” right?

You see, your skin is your largest organ.  And too many of the ingredients in personal care products, even the ones approved by the U.S., are not safe. 

The stats are alarming. Organic doesn't mean toxin-free. Natural doesn't either. Just because something says it is free of Parabans doesn't make it safe. 

If you are a woman who intends on having kiddos, look into the research about what has been found in umbilical cord blood in 99 percent of women. It takes seconds for toxins to enter your bloodstream, and the toxins most personal care products contain can wreck havoc on your health (links to infertility, endocrine disruption, asthma, allergies, cancer, auto immune diseases) and the list goes on. 

Well, that's scary.  Enter: Beautycounter. SAFE products that actually work. 

Think Whole Foods meets Chanel… in fact, the Chief Scientific Officer, Xavier Ormancey, was with Chanel for 20 years!  In fact, he recently patented our latest lotion (we can’t wait to share information about it with you).  

Beautycounter is trying to change the world one step at a time.  They are a B corp, meaning they are trying to make a stance with Congress to get laws changed! The company is about education first.  Their secondary goal is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. 

WHAT? Education before sales? YES. 

They even go as far as letting you get your hands on every ingredient and handing out “never lists” so you can shop for safe products yourself, whether with them or not, by avoiding the listed ingredient.

They also have a reason why they use EVERY ingredient in their products.  You will never see unnecessary fillers in their products. No fillers is actually HUGE. See, without fillers the products last and last and last.  I can’t begin to tell you how often I was over-using the products at first because I was so used to products containing fillers.

Here’s the deal, the company is on a mission to change laws and help us to be safe. The products work, they last a long time, they are safe while pregnant, for your kids and a lot of dudes are even hopping on the band wagon. 

The company even has a 60 day return policy for used products because they want you to have a chance to continuously use the products and get results you want.  Who does that?! An amazing company that cares.  And we want to help spread the word because once you know better, you do better, right?! Right.

So come try out the products for yourself, I'll be at Studio 543 with Julie on Saturday, July 8th for her Pelotonia fundraiser! Here are the deets:

What: a 60-minute hot vinyasa flow (taught by Julie) followed by Beautycounter samples and shopping in the lobby! We'll have raffle prizes and discounted Beautycounter products! Best part? 15% of the Beautycounter sales go straight to Julie's 100-mile Pelotonia ride to END CANCER.

When: Saturday, July 8 at 10:30am

Where: Studio 543 Yoga Inferno!

Cost: $20 donation at the door! (But you can save your spot now, click here!)