Be a Doer, Not a Dreamer.

I've always looked at entrepreneurs with envy. How cool it would be to own my own business, do my own thing... 

 Then, at the beginning of this year I decided to stop dreaming, and start doing. 

If you read my blog, you know I'm passionate about cultivating a positive relationship to food and exercise. Starting as far back as college, when I entered the fitness world, I've been on a mission to change the script from working out/exercising to look a certain way, to feel a certain way. To help women health damaged relationships with food, exercise and body image.

I've always done this casually. In cycle or yoga classes... on my blog or instagram... and this was always my favorite part of teaching: forming meaningful relationships with my students and seeing them thrive via the strength and power they find on the bike or on the mat.

Now... I'm taking this whole thing a step further.

In September, I will officially be a Certified Health Coach. I've studying my ass off, immersing myself into the world of coaching from angles: my program curriculum, podcasts, books, articles, you name it... I've thrown myself all in.

My website is live and now I am SO excited to share it with you. Head over to to learn all about my new biz. What is health coaching? What does my program look like? How can you explore more? You can also join the community via weekly e-mails that will offer recipes, easy yoga sequences for an at-home practice, topics like the ones found here on "Thoughts," inspiration and more. 

I'll also be planning fun group coaching challenges around goal setting and habit change... I can't wait. 

Want in on the fun? Want to invest in yourself like you never have before? Let's team up. I want to work with you. I want to be your biggest cheerleader AND your tough love coach. My mission is to create lasting habit change to help you live the live you've always loved. My mission is to empower you to fully love your body and live your absolute best life. 


So let's do it. I'm offering free discovery sessions for anyone who is interested in learning more.

Cheers to new adventures. Cheers to being a doer, and not a dreamer.

Also... I just want to give a massive shout out to Autumn Theodore. Home girl did my photos and I am now so lucky to call her a friend. She is a truly incredible human: smart, ambitious, compassionate, courageous. And her photos are bomb. If you have photo needs, I cannot recommend her enough!!