Let's Party!

By now, hopefully you've heard I launched my own health coaching biz (Julie Wojno Health Coaching!) And now... I want to celebrate!

I firmly believe in taking time to celebrate life, whether we throw a party or simply jot down an accomplishment we're proud of in our journal, taking time to say "hell yeah" is important.

And really I want you to join me! Seriously, it would mean the world. Yes, YOU! I wanna see ya! I've never been so excited to begin something as I am to begin health coaching... so let's do this.

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 20th. We'll enjoy some craft beer at Seventh Son's and my fave Trader Joe's/Whole Foods snacks from 7-9p (I reserved their beautiful private room for us, bring all your friends)!

You might think... "seriously, a health coach is having a party at a brewery?" 

And to that I say, "hell yeah I am!"

Photo by Autumn Theodore Photography

Photo by Autumn Theodore Photography

One of my core values in healthy living is that there is a time and a place for all foods (and drink), and that one of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves is to make peace with food, and listen to our bodies in order to best nourish ourselves.

Seriously, what's life if we deprive ourselves from our favorite things?

I don't even use words like "cheat meal" or "clean eating," because of the stigma it casts over food. These words, this kind of relationship with food, keeps us trapped in the War on Food. Language matters. Trust me on this one. Let's end the damn war already!

My health coaching philosophy is based in intuitive eating, where you learn to deeply tune in to listen to how, what and when your body wants to be nourished. We throw out the guidelines of "eat this, not that... at this time of day..." and instead honor our hunger and fullness, and choose foods that will make us feel energized and satisfy us. This frees us from being controlled by food. Bye-bye cycles of restriction and binging. 

True life: for my website photo shoot, I included photos at Seventh Son specifically to show that healthy living does not mean having some "perfect" (read: RESTRICTIVE) diet void of having fun! It's not ALL carrots and kale, people! It's actually that mindset of trying to be society's idea of "perfect," that can keep us stuck in a mentally unhealthy space. Let's focus on being present, rather than being perfect. In fact, let's create our own idea of perfect, for our own, unique lives.

My slogan is "love your body, live your life" for a reason, ya'll. And on Saturday, Sept. 20, let's live our lives a little and enjoy a delicious Humulus Nimbus (or a Jorts if they still have it on tap)! And of course, water and other non-alcoholic bevs will be available for anyone who doesn't want a beer. Because: do you, my people, do you!

I'm also going to have a spread of my absolute favorite Trader Joe's and Whole Foods snacks! From their sweet potato chips to the edamame hummus.... it's gonna be good. Real good. 

Feel free to bring friends, family... the more the merrier! But if you don't mind, RSVP via the Facebook Event, because it'll help out my peeps at Seventh Sons be prepared for the crowd! *Note: it's ok if you're like "I want to, but not sure yet!" RSVP anyways in case you do make it!