Ready, Set: GOAL

With the start of every new season, I like to take time to reflect on all the successes, all the challenges, all the things I'm grateful for from the previous season. This helps me focus in on what I want to send my energy towards in this new season ahead. What do I want to accomplish this fall?

It's easy to just let the days pass... summer flies by, and then holy crap Labor Day is here... it's fall. And then it's Christmas, and oh my gosh then it's NEW YEAR'S EVE. 


Let's slow things down, yeah?! Ok great. Let's take time, even just 10 minutes, to check in: are we making the most of each day? Of each season? Or are we just rushing through life?

I invite you to join me on my seasonal reflection. 

Think back on your summer... and think about each of these items. If you're a journal person, have at it. Otherwise, just think these through.

  • What are three things you're super proud of doing this summer?
  • What risks did you take?
  • What scared you?
  • What surprised you?
  • What thrilled you?
  • What challenged you?
  • What did you do that made you feel most alive, most yourself?
  • Did you accomplish a goal you were working towards?
  • What are 5 things you're grateful for?

After taking time to reflect on these questions, you may notice that things come up for you... you may think about something in a new way, or be inspired to do something new... carry thoughts with you as you reflect on the following questions for fall.

  • What is one thing you could do for yourself this fall to help you feel more energized, full of life, happier in your every day?
    • examples: more sleep, meditation, going for walks, taking a trip, calling an old friend...
  • What is one specific goal you want to work towards?
  • Why does this goal matter to you?
  • How might life change for the better if you accomplish this goal?
  • What would be the best part about achieving this goal be?
  • How can you make space for this goal?

Goal setting is exciting. It's powerful to take time to set a vision for what we want to do, to really visualize what it would look like, what it would feel like. Sometimes, we set a goal and don't take the time to think about why it actually matters.

And guess what? THAT MATTERS! A goal with out a reason, a goal without passion is... quite honestly? A waste. To accomplish a goal, we have to truly care about it and how it will impact our lives. 

If we start to send our energy towards our goal, to do something little every day to work towards this goal, we'll get there. Especially if we believe we will. Whether it's just thinking about it, talking about it, taking little steps towards this big picture... where we send our energy matters.

If we send energy towards something negative, we feed that negativity! But if we send our energy towards something positive-we feed positive- we feed our goals, our highest vision for ourselves.

So I ask you... what do you want to accomplish this fall? Take the risk. Invest in yourself. Ask for support. And know that I'll be here cheering you on the whole way through. 

Have a wonderful Labor Day, everyone!