The Subtle Art of Listening To YO BODY.

"I'm on a break!"

I was talking to a client this week when she had a major breakthrough. 

We are about 5 weeks in to her 90-Day journey and have been working on breaking up with dieting rules so that she can get to know her own inner food-expert through intuitive eating and find food freedom.

Things have been clicking so much with eating intuitively, that she started to notice a shift when she thought about her exercise routine.

She had started going to a Barre class about a year ago, and had been going weekly ever sense. 

She told me about her year-ago-self, the version of her that began Barre as a way to get into exercise, to GET FIT!

At the beginning, she was so excited because she felt like she found the perfect workout for her... but then things started to change. 

As we talked, she realized slash confessed... she didn't actually enjoy class. In fact, she dreaded it. She told me there was a lot of negative self-talk that surrounded her exercise routine. It came from a place of, "you should do this."

But the fear was: if I stop going to this class, will I fall off the exercise band wagon forever?

I asked her what she thought about finding movement she actually enjoyed. As in, really wanted to do! What if she just took a "break" from barre and "dated" other types of movement until she found one that felt good to her...

She loved this idea...

... and that's when it hit her. 

She told me she didn't realize the 90-Day Program would change her mindset so much, but it has. She realized her intuitive eating journey was spilling into her exercise journey... and now, she wanted to start to move intuitively, too!

Epiphany: "there are somethings we have to do," she said. "Like taxes! You have to pay your taxes, you just do! But you don't have to do exercise classes that you don't like!" And then she realized, she wanted to spend as much of her time doing things she wanted to do versus had to do (like, you know, taxes...).

She realized that she wanted her exercise routine to fall into the "want to do" category, because let's be real, if you don't have to do something you don't like... then don't!

Boom: breakthrough.

By the end of the call, she was feeling fired up and ready to call up her studio and declare like Ross to Rachel, that she too, is on a break from Barre. 

Listening to our body is a powerful thing, as are our intentions that fuel our exercise.

Next time you're thinking about going to exercise, ask yourself, "am I going because I want to? Or because I think I should? Because I think I have to?"

If the answer is in the "should/have to" category... maybe you just need a break, a rest day... or maybe, you too need to declare a BREAK and go date other forms of movement. I promise, there is a form of movement that you will enjoy.

*NOTE: I have absolutely nothing against Barre classes, haha, I have many clients who LOVE Barre classes, and it is the form of movement they really enjoy! There is a form of movement for everyone.