This Is Me. Own Yourself. Embrace Your Body.


You guys. Next week is May. MAY! As our beloved Justin Timberlake sang, IT'S GONNA BE MAY!

I think we're all pretty excited about the weather warming up, right?! My pool is about to open, and I can't WAIT for my favorite form of self-care (podcasting/reading by the pool) to come back into my life.

Unfortunately, it's also this wonderful time of year, that we get inundated with messages about needing to tone up for the summer, needing to look a certain way to go to the beach or the pool...

I know for me in years past, this time of year was filled with anxiety from trying to lose weight in order to be worthy enough to put on a swim suit.

Yeah. I bought into these messages, hard. My body wasn't good enough. I need to cover my stomach. I can't wear shorts because I have cellulite.

These messages kept me hating my body. They kept me deep in my disordered relationship with my self, food and exercise.

As ya'll know by now, I've grown a lot since then. And now consider myself an advocate for body diversity. A Body Positive Warrior, if you will. I now love my body, belly fat and cellulite and ALL.

I know, and if you read my e-mails weekly, or if you read my article on Harness Magazine this week, you know too, that our weight does not define our health. Our weight does not define our worth. It's little more than a biological predisposition. That's it. And yet we're told we need to fix ourselves for having fat.

Well, to kick off this summer season, I'm super stoked to be co-hosting an event that give me ALL THE FEELS.

It's an event I've had in my mind for a long time, and it's finally happening.

This is an event about owning yourself and embracing your body. This is an event about being seen and heard. This is an event to step into a place of empowerment where you can feel PROUD who you are, and what you look like. This is an event that will not only empower you, but will empower everyone else around you, too. This is an event that will change the way you think about and relate to your body. This is an event to step up and say NO MORE to the diet culture/pop culture messages that keep us down. This is an event to say NO MORE to the idea that our weight and our bodies define our worth.

Along with a fellow health at every size/body positive health coach, Amanda Crichton and my wonderfully talented photographer friend, Autumn Theodore and in collaboration with the amazing Lit Life + Yoga, I present to you:

This Is Me. Own Yourself. Embrace Your Body.

Join us for a night of body love. Come bare it all in your sports bras as we have fun with a photo shoot, vinyasa flow, guided meditation, journaling, and an empowering group activity to help you own your self and your body like you never have before.

This is an evening of female empowerment, where we'll not only embrace our own bodies, but see the beauty of all shapes and sizes.

Wait wait wait. Did you read "sports bra" and kind of have a heart attack because ya don't have a six pack? Good news! That's the point! Neither do I. Neither does Amanda or Autumn! And we want to let you in on a little scary as it may be to wear just your sports bra to class, it also happens to be insanely empowering not only for you, but for everyone around you, too...

The price is $25. Not only does that get you a night of connection, yoga and empowerment - but you'll also walk away with two professional photos of Y-O-U taken by Autumn Theodore herself!

Space is limited. We're announcing the event tonight at 5pm. So if this is something you want, just say yes now! I can't wait to see you there. Get your tickets here!