Alright Ladies, Now Let's Get in Formation.

In my body image studies, it has become so easy to see just how demeaning the dieting industry is to women. 

Our wonderful $60 billion diet industry makes its money off of us feeling like we need fixed. They profit from us believing the lie (that we're fed from a YOUNG, young age from multiple sources) that our weight/size/appearance is our most important quality, and if we don't fit a certain mold we aren't worthy, successful, capable of finding love, being happy, and the list goes on.

It's an industry that tells us that our bodies and our looks are more important than our intelligence, our creativity, our compassion, our strength, our humor... like sure, you can be intelligent, says Diet Culture, but are you thin?

I just scoffed even typing that. I mean... RIGHT!? It's insane!

That has always angered me. And when I find myself having negative self-talk creep in, I come back to my proud feminist self, and I think about Diet Culture's suppression and fight that inner critic back, hard. 

But... I just finished reading an incredible book (it's my book club's next read...!)  called "Body Positive Power" by Megan Jayne Crabbe, you also may know her has the fabulous @BodiPosiPanda on instagram.

And she blew my mind when she took this idea a step further. And I just had to share it with you.

"If we think about our own experience, it's easy to see how striving for the ideal body changes us far beyond the physical. It prescribes to us how we should spend our time, our money and our energy. It becomes the thing we focus on the most, the thing we talk about the most, the thing we want most in the world. It becomes a core part of our identity, which is why the thought of giving it up is so terrifying -- what will we be without it? The answer, of course, is whatever the hell we want to be. Female beauty ideals have been used to limit us, who we can become and how much space we're allowed to take up in the world. They are so much more than about what we look like.

... In her 1991 work, The Beauty Myth, Naomi Wolf charts the rise in women's social, economic, and political power with the increasing pressure of the rules of beauty, showing how connected the two are. In other words, the extreme thinness that became the ideal body type at the time isn't accidental, it's an effective method of keeping women hungry, preoccupied, and without enough energy to fight for real equality. On the surface it's about looks, but underneath it's about controlling what a woman can be. As Wolf famously writes, 'a cultural fixation on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty but an obsession about female obedience.'"

Do me a favor. Go back and read that again. And again. And then go journal about your thoughts. Or call your girlfriend and vent to her about how insane that is.

Then, do something about it. Decide that you no longer want to be a part of this Diet Culture that systematically profits (in SO many ways) from suppressing us.

Promise me when I say, it's really not about losing those last 10 pounds. That won't bring you happiness. It's learning how to appreciate what you have right now. It's about retraining your brain to overcome Diet Culture. It's about fighting back and saying NO MORE to this devastatingly damaging culture we live in.

I'm here to help. In fact, my virtual Powerfully Imperfect Program is designed to do this exact thing: challenge the cultural ideal. Empower you to love and appreciate your body and yourself from the inside-out. As Megan says in her book, this isn't about changing the ideal. It's about abolishing the ideal so that we can appreciate and respect ALL bodies.

There are only a few spots left in my 28-day Powerfully Imperfect Program, so snag yours below, I can't wait for you to be a part of this empowering community.