Ready, Set, GOAL.

I love setting goals. It's just fun to set my mind to something and work towards it. And ya know what? The crazier the goal, the more satisfying the outcome.

Right now I have a ton of yoga goals, of course. Supta kurmasana is high up on the list, so is that notorious handstand. I love these goals because right now, to be quite honest, they both seem SO far away. The idea of clasping my hands behind my back in supta kurmasana seems impossible. And "effortlessly" floating up into a handstand with grace and control, seems years away.

But I know that if I keep practicing, if I stay committed, one day, they'll come. 

I truly believe that we are all capable of so much. I believe that we are capable of whatever it is we deeply set our minds to.

I also believe that we often underestimate ourselves. We often get in our own ways. We often see something and think, "I could never," when actually... we totally can.

I see it all the time when I teach, people think they can't... and then they do....and it's the most exciting thing to watch. 

I've also been on the receiving end. When I thought my body just wasn't made for marichyasana D, and yet my teacher Taylor saw it in me and low and behold, I now get it on the first (or second) try (on most days ;) haha). Or, when a drop back wasn't even on my radar, and Taylor an Dawn were like yup, it's in you already. And then bam. I dropped back. They saw it in me way before I did.

So the teacher in me is now begging all of you readers: see yourself as teachers see you. I see your power. I see your strength. I KNOW you can. Now, just see it for yourself. Start believing in yourself as much as I believe in all of you... which is A TON.

So what is it? What's your goal? This post is very much inspired by my crazy amazing boyfriend, Alex. This Saturday, he starts a marathon of marathons: 3 in 4 weeks, to be exact. Akron on 9/24, Chicago on 10/9, and Columbus on 10/16. 

That's a bat shit crazy goal! You know what's even nuttier? He wants to PR on his last one! And next year? He wants to run an ULTRA MARATHON. As in a 36 or 50 mile race! INSANE!

So this week, our intention is to set a goal. A crazy freaking goal. And go for it. Even if it's something that is a year away. Cool. Even better, it'll teach you patience ;)

If you're one of my Cycle614 riders, we have another challenge coming up to celebrate our 2nd birthday (October 20th!). Maybe, you think you could never ride 4x a week for 4 weeks. But psh, I KNOW you can.

Here's the Birthday Bash Challenge (it begins Monday, October 3):

  • Ride 4x a week for 4 consecutive weeks, earn 4 free rides (AND be entered to win a free 5 Class Package!)
  • Ride 4x a week for 3 consecutive weeks, earn 3 free rides
  • Ride 4x a week for 2 consecutive weeks, earn 2 free rides

So what do you say? If your initial thought is, "I could never," maybe... that's exactly why you should.

Just saying.

To register for it, just email Mark at - or ask the front desk staff, Mark will track your progress for ya!

Whatever it may be: cycle, yoga, crossfit, travel, buying a house, learning to knit, WHATEVER IT IS... Ready... set... goal.